Birsta City

The new gift card solution in Birsta City has led to increased sales – again and again. Norrland’s largest shopping centre in Birsta just outside Sundsvall has switched to Cashcom’s gift card solution and noted several positive effects.

– We switched to Cashcom’s gift card system as our sister centre, Erikslund Shopping Centre in Västerås, has had it for a few years. Previously, we had another gift card system with a more manual handling.

With Cashcom’s gift cards, handling has been simplified for both customers and the stores that accept gift cards. Corporate customers buying on invoice have also gotten a secure and easy handling, where Cashcom manages the entire chain from ordering, distribution to the customer/company and invoicing. In addition to the machine that sells gift cards directly to customers, they are also sold by the staff at the information desk. The new system is easy for staff to manage – and should they encounter any questions or problems, they simply contact Cashcom’s support team for efficient help.

– In addition to smoother and simpler handling, we have noted a continuous increase in sales – in fact, every month since we switched to the new system.

// Centre Management Birsta City

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