Why should you choose our cards?

Cashcom can offer secure and adapted solutions for gift cards and electronic transactions. We have great experience in integrating prepaid products, as well as customising reports and documentation to the accounting requirements of the customers.


Simple for you and your members since the gift card can be used regardless of which cash register system the store is using.


The cards can only be used in the commercial venue to which they are linked. The transaction is only approved if the store is affiliated and there must also be enough balance on the gift card.


Cashcom’s electronic gift cards link customers to your commercial venue,and generate additional sales and more visits. Regardless of whether the gift card is sent to the customer or purchased on site, the money can only be used at that specific commercial venue.

The high degree of service

Our support is open seven days a week and is available to answer the questions of both stores and end customers concerning the gift card. Cashcom takes care of all corporate orders, web distributions and our ambition is to continuously exceed your expectations of good service.

Part of the Goyada Group

Cashcom is a wholly-owned company within the Goyada Group, who are operating in the prepaid products sector. The company has generated solutions for the handling of prepaid products for both individual tobacco merchants and major operators such as ICA, Coop and Reitan.


Did you know this about gift card sales?

Gift cards generate higher margins since 31% of gift card customers purchase products at full price instead of discounted products.

It leads to a significant amount of additional sales. 81% of those that receive a gift card spend more than the value of the card, on average as much as 40%.

Almost ten percent of all Christmas gifts are returned. Sales of gift cards lead to a lower number of returns and repurchases. Perhaps not surprising when the customer is allowed to choose.

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